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Way Down In Georgia lyrics - Tritt Travis

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I was born and raised where the tall pines grow (Way Down in Georgia)
Beulah land people like a song with soul (Way Down in Georgia)
Honeysuckle dancing on the evening breeze (Way Down in Georgia)
Big Savannah moon full of mystery (Way Down in Georgia)
Slow and steady walkin', watch the way you're talkin'
Better say your Sirs and Ma'ams
Not saying that we're better, it's how we're put together
It makes me proud of who I am

When I'm down (Way Down in Georgia)
When I'm down (Way Down in Georgia)

Gladys took us all on the midnight train (Way Down in Georgia)
Playin' Sweet Melissa with a boy named Duane (Way Down in Georgia)
Whistling with Otis on the dock of the bay (Way Down in Georgia)
Dug up a lot of music from that hard red clay (Way Down in Georgia)
Twelve Oaks and Tara Scarlett O'Hara
Lots of legends to be found
Baptized in the fire, can't kill the desire
When you're standing on sacred ground

When I'm down (Way Down in Georgia)
When I'm down (Way Down in Georgia)

Lazy black Suwannee River rolling along (Way Down in Georgia)
Nothing soothes the spirit like a southern song (Way Down in Georgia)
I been a lot of places, seen a lot of faces
Where the people really turn me on
When it comes down to it, nowhere else can do it
Never quite feel at home
Till I'm down (Way Down in Georgia)
When I'm down (Way Down in Georgia)
Feeling fine (Way Down in Georgia)
On my mind (Way Down in Georgia)

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