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You Really Wouldn't Want Me That Way lyrics - Tritt Travis

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I know I'm far from perfect,too set in my ways for my own good
And there's other things about me you think you'd like to change if you just could
I could let you shape me,mold me like a potter's piece of clay
But you really wouldn't want me that way

It's a crazy world we live in and it keeps on getting tougher all the time
You say you wish I wouldn't let life's troubles weigh so heavy on my mind
When things are wrong I guess that I could smile pretending everything's okay
But you really wouldn't want me that way

I'm just the man I've always been,I don't know how to be nobody else
And a man can only change so much till he becomes a shadow of himself
I never could be happy if I were just your puppet on a string,yes I could change
But you really wouldn't want me that way

Now don't misunderstand me,I want to be a man that makes you proud
I ain't ashamed to show how much I love you every way that I know how
I can make concessions but don't ask me to bend until I break
'Cause you really wouldn't want me that way

Don't ask me tomorrow to become someone I wasn't yesterday
'Cause you really wouldn't want me that way

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