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We Will Never Wake You Up In The Morning lyrics - Drive-By Truckers

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Well the times get tough and you thought you had enough
When the stall of your free fall decides to call your bluff
And all of your resolve might dissolve into your cups
We will never wake you up, we will never wake you up

This season of our discontent has given way to torment
All the straits that you were born in disappeared without a warning
Simple evolution isn't working as a solution
We will never wake you up in the morning

Metaphorically inclined towards crossing over state lines
You drifted down upon the destinations you were inclined
Until you lost all sight of your place in the design
Your alarm clock is ringing at your bedside

You drift into narcotic splendor of your never-ending bender
Eyes glazed but somehow smiling like a haze across the skyline
You down another glass then drift off from our grasp
We will never wake you up in the morning [x2]

The heaven that awaits you is a bar that never closes
And a line across the toilet tank for everybody's noses
With a tab that's as open as the arms of your hostess
As she gives a brief salvation upon you

Buenas noches, sweet prince behind the eight ball and your rent
Eviction notice on your door and all your money spent
Hearts broken by your actions but you had the best intentions
There were bottles in your bedroom and nothing in the kitchen

And the last time we ever saw you
You were clinging to the barroom
Days on end we tried to call you
Bells were ringing, tears were falling
The door was opened by the cops but you were up above the treetops
We will never wake you up in the morning [x3]

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Truckers Drive-By Chords
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