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Great Big Wall In China lyrics - Abigail Washburn

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You can tell a flower to bloom
On the other side of the moon
But for you and me it's hard to see her glory in the sun
Even if she climbs high into an ashen sky
A fading light for out of sight
will signal her blooming day

So a spaceship we must build
Set off from our window sill
The journey's long to carry on, especially in the dark
Even if we ask a distant star where the blooming flowers are
She may shoot us back on her jumbled ray
To the land from whence we came
But from space we'll see

They built a great big wall in China
Built it up to the pearly gates
I wanna land right beside her
Hither come what may

The storyteller stands
Upon the city gate and says,
“I too have seen a coming dream
I talked to stars
Got close to mars, and
Got shot back to where we are
I wish all could see what I have seen
The trembling light of a distant flower in the night”

They built a great big wall in China
Built it up to the pearly gates
Gotta take down the banner boys
Hope it's not too late

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