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Not Just Another Pretty Face lyrics - Aaron Watson

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(Aaron Watson, Neal Lowry)

If it was just another night like so many nights before
Just another dance, another time around the floor
Just another heart for you to break and leave behind
Tell me why you’re still awake and that girl’s still on your mind


Cause she’s not just another pretty face
This time you’re in it for more than just the chase
Your hearts against the wall, you thought you’d seen them all
But she’s not just another pretty face
You thought your heart was ten feet tall and bullet proof
Until a girl only 5 foot three shot you with the cold hard truth
All your friends may say that you're in way over your head
But deep down their just jealous it’s not them instead


BRIDGENow you’ve gone hungry saving for that diamond ring
You never thought you’d see the day when you’d get down on a knee

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