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Elephant Ears lyrics - Jimmy Wayne

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She was 9 yrs. old goin' on grown,
Shuffled around from home to home,
And no mattwe what, wherever she went,
She carried with her a stuffed elephant.
And her new family knew she was scared to say i love you
Cause she thought she'd have to move away again someday
So she clutched her little friend as they tucked her in, and then
Said it'll be okay, all you have to say is elephant ears

Elephant ears, that'll be our code,
When you can't say i love you, but you want someone to know,
Sometimes it's what you see, and not just what you hear.
So all you have to do is say elephant ears.

But they loved that girl like she were their child,
A sad little face became a big smile
And years passed by, while they turned to grey
She took care of them 'til they passed away
And in their home sweet home, she wondered all alone
Where memories lined the halls from wall to wall.
And in their old bedroom, her old elephant heirloom
Was sitting on the shelf, and she said to herself.

Repeat chorus

She stared at their photograph reminiscing all the years
Then catches her reflection, and her eyes fill up with tears
Oh she cried until she laughed and when she realized instead
That her lips were forming the words i love you, when she said,

Repeat chorus

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