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True Believer lyrics - Jimmy Wayne

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Nobody but me to blame
For losing all this love
Hope is the greatest expectation
And I never knew how to give up
Hand full of promises I can't hold
Old Love letters that just might
Who might have tried to break me down
They might have seen my cry

I'm, I'm not foolish and I'm not blind
I did what I could,
I stood in the rain and I waited for love to be kind
With a heart that didn't die
It just feels a little deeper
So don't worry 'bout me, it's all that I need
I'm a true believer

I get up every day
I think of you more than I should
I won't let you disgrace the whole human race
I believe people are good

I, I just say it was all for the best
I won't compromise and I won't close my eyes
And pretend I can live with a list
I'll just say goodbye to the way that I thought that we were
I won't give up the world, cause more than anything..

I believe in love, bigger than us
I believe it's the strong that I just gotta trust
I give all that I have, I believe it so much

I, I believe that something heavenly
With all the mistakes and the pain that love takes

I still believe in what it could be
There's a Godly sound, talking to us sinners
So don't worry 'bout me, cause that's all that I need
No, don't worry 'bout me, cause that's all that I need
I am a true believer

Nobody but me to blame, for losing all this love
Hope is the greatest expectation and I'll never learn how to give up

[Thanks to Gee for lyrics]

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