Go Ahead - Woods Wilder Lyrics

Go Ahead

Somebody's gonna tell you that it ain't your time
Somebody's gonna miss you but they'll be alright
Sometimes you gotta let the good things pass
Sometimes they hold you close but still they hold you back

Go ahead and take all the photographs
Go ahead and live like you never have
Go ahead and drive to the edge of town until there's nothing left
Go ahead and run it right off the the tracks
Just keep it going don't you ever look back
Go ahead and do all the things we talked about
But never did
Go ahead

Kinda easy to fear what you cannot see
Kinda easy to say it 'til it's me you leave
Sometimes you gotta let the good things pass
I wanna hold you close but never hold you back

I hope you find yourself far enough away from home
To get your money's worth of grace before it's gone