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Dead or in Jail lyrics - William Clark Green

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Verse 1:
I’m a little crazy a little out of my head
They told me only take one I took two instead
There’s a Preacher on the corner yellin’ at me
I got a pocket full of chitlens and collard greens
Now the dogs are barkin’ and they got a nose on my trail
They say I’ll wind up dead or I’ll end up in jail
I took a left down the alley and there’s needles on the ground
Broken glass everywhere and the trash has gone sour
I think I see a woman but I really can’t tell
Probably just another man who disguised himself well
Mister do you have a quarter or a dollar that you can spare
They say I’ll wind up dead or I’ll end up in jail

Well I swear to you mom I swear to you Dad
Wasn’t nothin’ I took wasn’t nothin’ that bad
I’m all out of cash and I’m stuck downtown
Aint nothin’ like the feelin’ of comin’ down

Verse 2:
I said that I’m sorry I said that I’m done I’m done
I’m guna go back to college I’m guna quit drugs
Well if you come and get me I will even go to church
I started readin’ the bible I swear it every verse
And when I get home I’m guna steal something I can sell
They say I’ll wind up dead or I’ll end up in jail

Chorus x2

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William Clark Green Chords
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