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Old School lyrics - Hank Williams Jr

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I remember a young Johnny Cash waiting in the wings
'Cause he'd hand me his cigarette when he'd go out to sing
And the good ol' Marshall Tucker Band back in '83
Was a special night, they asked me "Come on out and play Can't You See"
Dolly was a teenage girl when I first met 'er, wow
Jerry Lee played rock ‘n’ roll at my house and I'm proud

I'm from the old school
But I made up my own rules
But I learned a thing or two from some pretty good teachers
My education has served me well
One look at me and you could tell my music's true
A class reunion of the blues
I'm from the old school

Well things were kinda rough at times
I had to find my way
Not exactly an overnight sensation like some are today
Hey I'm a dinosaur, that's for sure
But here's what I gotta say
To anyone that questions my credentials: Hi, I'm Hank

And I'm from the old school
But I made up some new rules
And you might learn a thing or two if you hang around
I'll teach you to write and play and sing 'em
Take these guitars out and string 'em
Will make your music true
A class reunion of the blues
I’m from the old school

And after all the songs are sang [sic!]
Let's stop and have a drink from my old bar stool
Hey everybody, here’s to the old school

[Thanks to Max for lyrics]

[Thanks to Michael for corrections]

Williams Hank Jr Chords

Williams Hank Jr Chords
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