The Big Picture

Lyin’ awake in the hours before morning
Watchin’ the light push back the dark
That big burnin’ ball always reminds me
How insignificant my worries are
In the big picture

Still it’s the little things that seem to get me
When life isn’t fair and nothin’ goes right
I take it out on the people who love me
It’s easy to do, when you lose sight
Of the big picture

But in the big picture I see it all so clear
What I should do on this earth while I’m here
Love on my family and friends when I can
And reach out to my fellow man

I believe it’s a truth that we all have inside us
Tested and tried by those come before
Ask any wise man and he’ll gladly tell you
Love or money, which matters more
In the big picture

‘Cause in the big picture I see where we really are
On an oasis in an ocean of stars
Sharing the earth and our fears and our dreams
More alike than it sometimes may seem

Sittin’ in front of a beautiful sunrise
Feelin’ the light where it touches my face
I let myself imagine forever
And hope that someday I’ll find my place
In the big picture

Cause in the big picture I see it all so clear
What we can do with our time while we’re here
The more walls that crumble in the name of love
The better we’ll see the beauty of
The big picture