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Gretchen Wilson Lyrics

Gretchen Wilson Chords

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Album Lyrics: Ready To Get Rowdy [2017]

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Wilson Gretchen
"Ready To Get Rowdy" [2017]

  1. Stacy
  2. Salt Mines
  3. Summertime Town
  4. Rowdy
  5. Whiskey And My Bible
  6. Bad Feeling
  7. Letting Go Of Hanging On
  8. I Ain't That Desperate Yet
  9. Hard Earned Money
  10. Mary Kay & Maybelline
  11. A Little Loretta
  12. Big Wood Deck

Album Lyrics: Snapshot [2014]

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Wilson Gretchen
"Snapshot" [2014]

  1. Work Hard Play Harder
  2. Still Rollin'
  3. I'd Love to Be Your Last
  4. Get Outta My Yard
  5. Trucker Man
  6. Grandma
  7. I Got Your Country Right Here
  8. One Good Friend
  9. Don't Make Me Take My Earrings Out (The Earrings Song)
  10. Right On Time

Album Lyrics: Right on Time [2013]

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Wilson Gretchen
"Right on Time" [2013]

  1. Get Outta My Yard
  2. Still Rollin'
  3. Grandma
  4. Crazy
  5. The Well Run Dry
  6. The Gypsy In Me
  7. Dust & Bone
  8. Right On Time
  9. My Truck
  10. One Good Friend
  11. I've Been In Love
  12. Hey Love
  13. Birds Of A Feather

Album Lyrics: Under the Covers [2013]

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Wilson Gretchen
"Under the Covers" [2013]

  1. Stay with Me
  2. Doctor My Eyes
  3. Everybody Wants You
  4. Bell Bottom Blues
  5. Funk No. 49
  6. Hot Blooded
  7. Over the Hills & Far Away
  8. I Want You to Want Me
  9. Lights
  10. Her Strut
  11. Bad Company
  12. Into the Mystic

Album Lyrics: I Got Your Country Right Here [2010]

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Wilson Gretchen
"I Got Your Country Right Here" [2010]

  1. I Got Your Country Right Here
  2. Work Hard, Play Harder
  3. I'm Only Human
  4. The Earrings Song
  5. Trucker Man
  6. Blue Collar Done Turn Red
  7. Outlaws and Renegades
  8. Walk On Water
  9. Love On The Line
  10. As Far As You Know
  11. I'd Love To Be Your Last

Album Lyrics: One of the Boys [2007]

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Wilson Gretchen
"One of the Boys" [2007]

  1. Girl I Am
  2. Come to Bed
  3. One of the Boys
  4. You Don't Have to Go Home
  5. Heaven Help Me
  6. There's a Place in the Whiskey
  7. If You Want a Mother
  8. Pain Killer
  9. There Goes the Neighborhood
  10. Good Old Boy
  11. To Tell You the Truth

Album Lyrics: All Jacked Up [2005]

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Wilson Gretchen
"All Jacked Up" [2005]

  1. All Jacked Up
  2. California Girls
  3. Full Time Job
  4. Skoal Ring
  5. He Ain't Even Cold Yet
  6. One Bud Wiser
  7. Politically Uncorrect
  8. I Don't Feel Like Loving You Today
  9. Rebel Child
  10. Raining On Me
  11. Not Bad For A Bartender

Album Lyrics: Here for the Party [2004]

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Wilson Gretchen
"Here for the Party" [2004]

  1. Here For The Party
  2. Redneck Woman
  3. When I Think About Cheatin'
  4. Homewrecker
  5. Holdin' You
  6. Chariot
  7. What Happened
  8. When It Rains
  9. The Bed
  10. Pocahontas Proud

Album Lyrics: Other Songs []

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Wilson Gretchen
"Other Songs" []

  1. Back Where I Come From
  2. Salt On Your Glass
  3. It Ain't Easy
  4. Barracuda
  5. Good Morning Heartache

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