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Fugettaboutit lyrics - The Woodshedders

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see that gal all dressed in white boys she’s the one i know
cupid’s got a hammer must’ve spent all his arrows
for he nailed her sweet little frame right into my mind
i can’t forget about it, fugettaboutit

aw that girl with the red dress on i’ll never be the same
a wildfire walking around she’s sizzled in my brain
someone took a scotch bonnet and put it on my head
i can’t forget about it, fugettaboutit

in every town i happen through there’s ten or twelve to blame
like snowflakes but sweet and warm and there ain’t no two the same

oh, that gal with the fiddle boys she sawed my heart in two
it must take a ladder to get in them cowboy boots
she just looked into my eyes a singing “faded love”
i can’t forget about it, fugettaboutit

if i ever get amnesia man it won’t be hard to quell
just take me down to the well and let ‘em ring my bell

see that gal all dressed in green i’d tell you boys i swear
but its like cupping in the river for the moonlight that’s there
words won’t never ever do but the memory remains
i can’t forget about it, fugettaboutit

[Thanks to corn johnson for lyrics]

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