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O Dig lyrics - The Woodshedders

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billy brown, crown-wearing, bags on his shoulder
caught chimeras for the kids in the town
while fellas in umbrellas said to fortunate tellers
that there’d be no news to go around
underneath the thunderdome some gnomes with a microphone
psyched out the bikers and bands
then the bad brain motorcade cattled with the old brigade
up on the trans am see the boy in the wig

daphne kissed the banker with the ballet in his wallet
while they rapped with the diplomat
and the drunken politician they were wishing he would listen
through the covers when they called him a rat
and half dead wonderbread thundered what the daddy did
and made off with the money machine
but the silk throat billy goat he never caught a single note
the tightrope was under his knees
it was doing a jig

jenny lit the mezzanine
the jim beam beauty queen 1975
snowhair he was under there folding up his folding chair
again on the merry go ride
with cocaine puddintane pulling on the wooden chain
up and down the set
so we stocked the shoot with birds in boots
and they rolled up a jumbo jet
see it was great big

[Thanks to corn johnson for lyrics]

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