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In Between the Heartbeats lyrics - Adrienne Young

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I been trying to live my life
In between the heartbeats
It's like cutting a path with a pocket knife
In between the heartbeats
I ain't made it out of the thicket yet
But with an ounce of luck and a pound of sweat
Soon as I get there I'm going to place my bets
In between the heartbeats

Rain comes down and the rivers rise
In between the heartbeats
Sun comes up and the river's run dry
In between the heartbeats
And all this worryin' about what to come
Won't amount to nothin' when it's said and done
Well the sun's gonna shine and the river's gonna run
In between the heartbeats

Oh and you gotta be quick
When your heart's beating fast
Oh got to get in the moment 'fore the moment is passed
Lord and you gotta be patient
Baby when your heart takes it down
Lord got to get in the rhythm of the world going round

I been meaning to change my ways
In between the heartbeats
Soon as I find me some longer days
In between the heartbeats
Only 24 hours on that ol' clock
You can't show up late when time is the boss
Ain't no counting the livin' I lost
In between the heartbeats

Well the very last words from my grandma
In between the heartbeats
Girl you won't believe the things that I saw
In between the heartbeats
It's a flyin leap from birth to death
Gotta to treat each moment like a special guest
'Bout the best you can do is do your best
In between the heartbeats
Yeah in between the heartbeats
Yean in between the heartbeats

[Thanks to Alexis for lyrics]

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