Kevin Welch Lyrics
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Kevin Welch Lyrics

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Kevin Welch Lyrics

Welch Kevin Tabs

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Album Lyrics: Patch of Blue Sky [2010]

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Welch Kevin
"Patch of Blue Sky" [2010]

  1. Come a Rain
  2. The Great Emancipation
  3. Andaman Sea
  4. Marysville
  5. New Widow's Dream
  6. Midnight and Noon
  7. Long Gone Dream
  8. Answer Me That
  9. That's How It Feels
  10. A Patch of Blue Sky

Album Lyrics: Millionaire [2001]

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Welch Kevin
"Millionaire" [2001]

  1. Millionaire
  2. Witness
  3. Choose To Believe
  4. Long Cold Train
  5. Blanket Of Snow
  6. Killing Myself
  7. Glorious Bounties
  8. The Sun King And The Winter Moon
  9. I Can Sure Love You
  10. Queen Of The Slipstream
  11. When The Sun Shines Down On Me
  12. Stray Dog

Album Lyrics: Kevin Welch - Other Songs [0]

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Buy Kevin Welch - Other Songs CD
Welch Kevin
"Kevin Welch - Other Songs"

  1. Till I See You Again
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