Br5-49, Even If Its Wrong Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Br5-49, Even If Its Wrong Tabs, Chords

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Br5-49 - Even If Its Wrong (Chords)

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Here is "Even If It's Wrong" by BR5-49

Performed by: BR5-49
Written by:Gary Bennett
Chorded by: Jeff Gary


[Verse A:]
I roll out every mornin' I drink my coffee on the run
Workin' for the man just the way my daddy done
Well the money I'm makin' ain't buyin' much bacon
  but when payday comes along
                   A7           B7           E     E7 E E7
Sometimes I gotta' do somethin' even if it's wrong

[Verse B:]
The telephone keeps ringin' and it gets under my skin
They all call to ask me when I'll send the money in
E                                                       B7
But AT&T does a favor for me and takes a message at the tone
                   A7           B7           E    Em E Em
Sometimes I gotta' do somethin' even if it's wrong

          A               D7           A              D7
Seems the road is gettin' rougher as I roll on up the hill
A                  D7              A              D7
High times passin' by me just like I was standin' still
        A             D7           A          D7
But I'm almost to the top and I'll go until I drop
A                D                B7             E
Some fall by the wayside but I've gone to far to stop

[Verse A:]
The woman of my dreams she was like a livin' doll
I sent her far away when she set me for a fall
She was a digger and the bills got bigger and I was up against the
Sometimes you gotta' do somethin' even if it's wrong

[Verse B:]
Now I hear those wolves a howlin' I can't get no sleep at all
The Good Lord knows I'm tired of robbin' Peter to pay Paul
>From the grind stone to the gravestone is it really worth it all
Sometimes you gotta' do somethin' even if it's wrong

[Solo/Outro:] E

}:8 Hook'em Horns!

-Jeff Gary-

Br5-49 Tabs & ChordsBr5-49 Lyrics

Br5-49 Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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