Lee Brice, Sumter County Friday Night Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Lee Brice, Sumter County Friday Night Tabs, Chords

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Lee Brice - Sumter County Friday Night (Chords)

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Capo 1

Jeep tires burn my driveway black, got my John deere hat turned back
Brother says there's gonna be a fight, Sumter County Friday Night

One black eye and two teeth later
Sumter High and the Lakewood gators
Brandy May and Nancy Bean
waiting at the Dairy Queen
Jump in the back, take down the top
F                           C
28 minutes to Sparkle Berry Swamp
Come over here give me a kiss
Lord don't make it no better than this

C                  F        C
Red dirt roads and big tire toys
C                 G       C
Country girls and redneck boys
C                F       C
Carolina moon is big and bright
C             G      C
Sumter County Friday Night

Fred Johnson just opened up his fields
Change of plans ain't no big deal
Hundered fifty cell phones ring
Everybody's talking about the same thing
Wedgefield Road south of town
Go 13 miles then slow it down
Radar trap, Barney Fife
Don't hold that brown bag up to high


Tailgates down around the fire
New shotgun cant wait to try her
Beer can targets in the air
Duck boots are the thing to wear
Cow tippin', skinny dipping
Bring your own 'cause you cant have mine
We don't start out looking for trouble
but oh the trouble we can find on


Sumter County Friday Night 

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