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Phelps Brother, Eagle Over Angel Chords

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Phelps Brother - Eagle Over Angel (Chords)

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Hi folks!
Here's what I came up with.   Any additions or corrections are
appreciated.  Enjoy.

Eagle Over Angel
Sung by Brother Phelps
Written By Gerald Guinn, Yvonne Guinn, James H. Peters
Copyright 1992, Gum Island Enterprise, BMI
Intro- D A Bm G A D
A			           G			D
I'm sure you don't remember me Its been a while I know
A			  G		   A
You put this tattoo my arm A long long time ago
A			D        G			A
The last time I was in your shop She was sitting by my side
D	A        	      Bm     G	       A	         D
The girl that I called Angel But her love for me has died

A			  G		      D
So, put an eagle over angel Put a teardrop in his eye
A			         G		      A    A7
And I'll just look the other way And try hard not to cry
D			G		     N.C.
Put an eagle over angel Spread his wings so he can fly
D 		A	          Bm      G	           A
To  a place where hearts aren't broken And no one says goodbye

A				   G		D
You put her sweet name on my arm With a tiny heart below
A				G		   A
But it lasted longer than her love Now she's gone for good I know
A		            D	G		A
For years I wore my Angel's name Always happy to explain
D	           A        	Bm    G	              A	  D
But when they ask about her now I just can't stand the pain


D  A Bm  G A D

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