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Jim Burns, Blue Ridge Mountain Skies Chords

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Jim Burns - Blue Ridge Mountain Skies (Chords)

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                Blue Ridge Mountain Skies 
Words and Music by James E. Burns, April 16, 2003
( Intro ) 

( Chorus )
I’m a (E) happy and lucky guy
Living under a (A) Blue Ridge Mountain (B7) sky
Every (E) day I realize with (A) tears in my eyes
How (B7) much I love the Blue Ridge Mountain (E) skies

( 1 )
There’s my (E) children and pretty wife
With whom I share my (A) Blue Ridge Mountain (B7) life
Where we (E) work everyday and it’s (A) like a holiday
How (B7) much I love the Blue Ridge Mountain (E) ways. ( Chorus )

( 2 )
I will (E) never need to roam
Anywhere from my (A) Blue Ridge Mountain (B7) home
From the (E) sounds and the sites, our (A) peaceful southern nights
How (B7) much I love the Blue Ridge Mountain (E) nights. ( Chorus )

( Break ) 

( 3 )
With my (E) honey on my knee
Sitting under a (A) Blue Ridge Mountain (B7) tree
The feel of (E) Spring in the air, young (A) lovers everywhere
How (B7) much I love the Blue Ridge Mountain (E) air. ( Chorus )

( 4 )
When the (E) day comes that I die
I’ll be under a (A) Blue Ridge Mountain (B7) sky
With my (E) beautiful wife, whom I (A) shared this happy life
How (B7) much I love the Blue Ridge Mountain (E) life. ( Chorus )

Copyright © 2003 James E. Burns

[Thanks to Jim Burns for tabs]

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