Jim Burns, Nashville Bound Or Not Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Jim Burns, Nashville Bound Or Not Tabs, Chords

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Jim Burns - Nashville Bound Or Not (Chords)

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Words & Music by James E Burns, April 27th, 2010

( 1 ) - (D) I was high one day not knowin' (G) where in life I would be goin'
I (D) grabbed some things and loaded up my (A7) car.
I (D) started west and headed east, (G) feelin' sure I could at least
(D) Make a few bucks a (A7) playin' my gui(D)tar. (G) (A)/

( 2 ) - (D) Two weeks on the road I'm feelin' (G) down and lonley I am needin'
(D) When I see her tryin' to hitch a (A7) ride.
I (D) asked her if she might be goin' she (G) said she was like me not knowin'
She (D) saw my joy was (A7) just too hard to (D) hide. (G) (A) 

( 3 ) - (D) On the road it's nice and sunny she (G) asked me what I do for money
I (D) said I get by playin' my gui(A7)tar.
She (D) smiled and said that was so cool and (G) said that she could sing no foolin'
We (D) found a town and (A7) walked in to a (D) bar. (G) (A)/

( 4 ) - (D) Made ourselves a few hundred dollars when (G) out of the dark someone hollers
(D) Then we see the bright gold shiny (A7) star.
I (D) know we both gave thought to runnin' (G) when we saw him pull his gun and
(D) Set us in the (A7) back seat of his (D) car.  (G) (A)

( 5 ) - He (D) took our cash and started countin' (G) we both knew there was no doubtin'
(D) One day soon we'd make that bastard (A7) pay
He (D) said forget to ever knowin' (G) me and this town so get goin'
We (D) got back in my (A7) car and drove a(D)way. (G) (A)/

( 6 ) - (D) As I drive away Iím sweariní to (G) God above and all in Heaven
(D) Iíll be back for justice I will (A7) find.
(D) I won't leave until Iím tearin' that (G) tarnished star he was a wearin'
And (D) stick it sideways (A7) where the sun donít (D) shine.  (G) (A)

( 7 ) - And (D) by the way I see it's snowin' (G) so before they find me frozen
I'm (D) turnin' this ole car back to the (A7) west.
Gonna (D) find a place that's warm and sunny (G) find me a widow with lots a money
And (D) keep her smilin' (A7) just like all the (D) rest. (G) (A)/

( 8 ) - When (D) this ole picker ups and ceases (G) I'll be holding a Plastic Jesus
(D) That was on the dashboard of my (A7) car 
I'm (D) on my way to Gloryland with a (G) Martin guitar in my hand
I (D) take it with me (A7) cuz I'm a travelin' (D) far.

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