Glen Campbell, Letter To Home (love Always) Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Glen Campbell, Letter To Home (love Always) Tabs, Chords

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Glen Campbell - Letter To Home (love Always) (Chords)

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Letter To Home (Love Always) 
By Glen Campbell
rmofle at

Capo 1

You might think there's some big reason why I took this time to write
    D                                        A
The cards and letters there’s been to few of those 
           G             D        Bm                  G     
But I just stopped to realize how long that I've been gone
    D                   A                D
But there's a few small things I need to know

Chorus 1:
     A             G                  A                D
Dear Daddy, do the whippoorwill still echo through the night
         G                A                   D
Does the sound of silence squeeze the morning light
    G                   A              D                  G     G/F#  Em
And have you caught the big one in the pond just down the road
I miss you so


Well the years keep slipping by me like the miles out on the road
But I don't guess I'll change my way of life
There's no harm in holding memories but please tell me if you can
I need to bring them old times inside

Chorus 2:
Dear Mama, can you still find the dipper in the stars
And do the roads still go for hours without cars
And does the frost still shine for morning on the grass outside the door
Just like before, Tell me more

Chorus 3:
And I'll be back to see you sometime soon
Can you still reach out and touch the moon
And do the old songs still ring out through the hills for days and days
Love always

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