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Roger Creager Tabs. Roger Creager Chords

Creager Roger Lyrics

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  1. A Feelin' I Get Tabs
  2. A Feeling I Get Chords
  3. A Good Day For Sunsets Chords
  4. A Pirate Looks At Forty Chords
  5. All For The Sake Of The Song Chords
  6. Cowboys and Sailors Chords
  7. Crying, Moaning Chords
  8. Delicacy Of A Rose Chords
  9. Driving Home Chords
  10. Everclear Chords
  11. Feel Again Chords
  12. For You I Do Chords
  13. Fun All Wrong Tabs
  14. Good Old Days Chords
  15. Goodbye Chords
  16. Having Fun All Wrong Chords
  17. Having Fun All Wrong (intro) Chords
  18. I Can Too Chords
  19. I Got The Guns Chords
  20. I Love Being Lonesome Chords
  21. I Loved You When Chords
  22. I Say When I Drink What I Think When I'm Sober Chords
  23. I'm From The Beer Joint Chords
  24. It's A Long Way To Mexico Chords
  25. L.A. Freeway Chords
  26. Late Night Case Of The Blues Chords
  27. Ler It Roll W/ Jack Ingram Chords
  28. Let It Roll Chords
  29. Long Way To Mexico Chords
  30. Love Chords
  31. Love (lead) Tabs
  32. Love Is Crazy Chords
  33. Love Is So Sweet Chords
  34. Mothers A Redneck Too Chords
  35. Moving On Chords
  36. My Ship Goes Down Chords
  37. Piano Man(live) Chords
  38. Rancho Grande Chords
  39. Should've Learned By Now Chords
  40. Some Get Rich Chords
  41. Storybook Chords
  42. Swinging From The Chandeliers Chords
  43. Swinging From The Chandeliers(capo) Chords
  44. Tangle Me In You Tabs
  45. The Day You Went Away Chords
  46. The Everclear Song Chords
  47. The Man I Used To Be Chords
  48. The Morning Chords
  49. Things Look Good Around Here Chords
  50. Turn It Up Chords
  51. Until The Thought Of You Chords
  52. Waiting On You Chords
  53. What's A Lonely Girl To Do Chords
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