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Roger Creager, Things Look Good Around Here Chords

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Roger Creager - Things Look Good Around Here (Chords)

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It's 4am and I just got home 
In my motel room so I picked up the phone
A                                         E
Figured you'd like to hear about the day I had.
It's been a real peach of a day to day 
The van had a blowout on the way 
A                 E
And by 11am it was already lookin bad

(Play Intro)
Well we drove all the way to Amarillo 
The people are are warm but it's always cold
A                                          E
It was raining outside and all our gear got soaked
But I didn't know the croud would dig our stuff
Cuz new towns are usually tough
A                              E                         A
They were singin along and they knew every song I wrote

A              F#m 
And things look good around here
D                            E       
The boys are in the parking lot still drinkin beer
D                  E                       A
I don't know if I'm ever gonna get them inside
F#m             E     
Sounds like a party out there
D            E
No worries and no cares
D              E           A
Things look good around here

(repeat intro)

Verse 2:
Sing all night and drive all day
Hey there's got to be a better way
When are we supposed to get our sleep?
Sometimes I love doing what I do
Other times I hate being away from you 
And sometimes I cant believe I'm in this deep
Most times i get nervous inside
Try to hide if that's my pride
But I need a little encouragement now and then
Step out on the stage eyes wide
It always feels like my first time
I kick off a tune and I'm alright again


D            E       F#m                Gm
What was I thinkin callin you this late?
E                   F#m                   E
I guess i needed to hear your voice and say


Verse 3:
I know we need some time alone
It's not too long till I get home
Sorry I woke you hope that you're not mad
But it's 4am and I just got home
In my motel room
I figured you would like to hear about the day I had

2nd Chorus:
Things look good around here
I'm headed to the parking lot to grab me a beer
There's a party goin on outside
This ain't the first time through
And it won't be the last one true
But things look good around here

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