Roger Creager, A Feeling I Get Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Roger Creager, A Feeling I Get Tabs, Chords

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Roger Creager - A Feeling I Get (Chords)

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C  C/G  C  C/G

C/G Ė x32013

I am missing a chord in the chorus towards the end but the rest is OK

C                  C/G                 C      C/G
You ask me how Iím feeling down deep inside
C                      C/G          C            C/G   
Itís not something Iím holding back or tryiní to hide
 F                             C  
My love for youís not easily explained
     F                                G
Itís more than moon and stars and the warm summer rain

Chorus 1:
            F                    C                 G                          C
Well itís a jalepeno pepper on a cheesy enchilada, spicy side of life just a little bit hotter
F                     C               D                                G 
Ice cold cerveza on a hot summer day, takiní her out to eat and makiní love on the way
         F                              C 
Itís not knowing where youíre goin, But knowiní when youíre there
    F                       C                       F               Dm    G
And beiní with the ones you know really care, hey I guess these are all a part of this
Itís a feeliní I get, itís a feeliní I get

And you look at me so deeply like youíve got something
You want to tell me how you feel but donít want to sound
You have a strange way of sayin how you feel
Ah but when you put it that way how can I doubt thatís itís for real

Chorus 2:
Itís like 99 degrees in the Texas summer heat
Underneath the trees spittiní watermelon seeds
Eatin old fashion ice cream with momma and your pa
Ridiní on the tractor in your panties and your bra
Itís not knowning where youíre goin, but knowiní when youíre there
And beiní with the ones you know really care, hey I guess these are all a part of this
Itís a feeliní I get, itís a feeliní I get

Look into our future and tell me what you see
Always be together as long as we wanna be
I know weíll make it thru somehow, 
Just look at what weíre both feelin right now

Chorus 1

Creager Roger Tabs & ChordsCreager Roger Lyrics

Creager Roger Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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