Django Walker, College Life Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Django Walker, College Life Tabs, Chords

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Django Walker - College Life (Chords)

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Well my daddy always said Son, youíll have fun
When youíre drinkin with your friends and everyone
D                                                  E 
Takes for granted these are the best years of your life
Well high school sure seemed like a joke
When I got to college I was on my own
         D                                  E
Tryin to find the best drink specials every night

Yeah for many nights with the San Marcos Federales
I finally figured out I should probíly
Keep my mouth shut Ďstead of telliní Ďem what I thought
Well I paid the county for many months
Hell I even think I paid the principalís bonus
Thatís how I knew what student loans were all about

     D             E             A                   F#m
Itís Taco Bell for breakfast and lunch itís Keystone Light
   D            E                A             F#m
Be outta bed by sundown make the party just on time
   D                 E               A              F#m
My probations in the morniní, Herbal Tea will do me fine
D                  E           A
Look what I learned in college life

Well I decided to major in country music
Thatís when I found out I couldnít use
The 30 hours I managed to log last year
And anthropology it seemed pretty cool to me
But it wasnít included in my degree
Thatís when I started to study domestic beer
Shiner Bock, it was good to me
Hell it treated me better than history
Or that little blonde I met in the science lab
And fraternity life, it was a change of pace
And it taught me how to get crap faced
And break my failin' grades to dear old Dad


One of these days, come graduation
I hope that I wonít be mistaken
That everything I learned wonít be in vain
Cause I sure failed a test or three
But that doesnít make a lesser man of me
Cause thereís more to life than a one point GPA

Django Walker Tabs & ChordsDjango Walker Lyrics

Django Walker Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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Django Walker
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