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Django Walker, Texas Blacktop Highway Chords

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Django Walker - Texas Blacktop Highway (Chords)

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                Texas Blacktop Highway
By Django Walker

C  F   C   F

C                F                C       F  
I spent my whole life on the open road
     C              F               G
That blacktop Texas highway’s all I know
           Am              G                  F 
And Monday mornin’ neither rain or shine came early every week 
C                 G                 F
Bills to pay many more deadlines to meet
  C                  F               C     F
I tried to fight the urge not to run away
C           F             G 
Even now my pride is left unpaid
      Am                 G                   F
But a good man does what he should do and he takes things face to face
     C               G                F                   C
So I guess I have to face that lonely highway for another day

             G              F                  C
So I’m movin on cause I got dreams I won’t let die
   G                           F              C
No road is left forgotten as I drive into the night
  Am             G            F 
I try so hard to carry on the words that my daddy preached
      C               G                 F                   C
But I guess I have to fight that lonely highway for another week

Late night radio is my best friend
Talkin of the places that I never been
But I promise that I see the world I heard so much about
Wondrin’ full of ????  could be my way, could be my way out


I tried to find a place I could settle down
But that blacktop Texas highway can’t be found
But about the time I get there and my suitcase is unpacked
Those rolling wheels keep callin me, calling me on back


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