Vern Gosdin, It's Only Love Again Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Vern Gosdin, It's Only Love Again Tabs, Chords

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Vern Gosdin - It's Only Love Again (Chords)

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Intro: G A A# - G A A# C F

Iíve heard that word before
Heard it whispered on the barroom floors
Iíve seen it carved on wooden doors, down dark hallways
Whatís so special about that word?
So common and so often heard
That could give someone like me the nerve to say, always

Bb   A      G
Itís only love
C     Bb     A
Itís only love
Bb    A     G        F
Itís only love, again

Iíve seen that special look
Make an heart an open book
And I remember the time it took my breath away
And Iíve seen how a fire can start
Make a chill from the coldest heart
How it feels when it falls apart, the price you pay


Itís only love
Itís only love
Itís only love, again

(Lead Break)

Bb A G Ė C Bb A Ė Bb A G F

Tell me whatís so special about this now
Iíve seen it all before an still somehow        
I hear your voice and see you smile, and fall again

(Chorus X3)

Itís only love, yes it is
Itís only love
Itís only love, again

[Thanks to Kenneth Waters for tabs]

Gosdin Vern Tabs & ChordsGosdin Vern Lyrics

Gosdin Vern Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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