Vern Gosdin, Love Is Like An Echo Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Vern Gosdin, Love Is Like An Echo Tabs, Chords

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Vern Gosdin - Love Is Like An Echo (Chords)

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Honey you been sayin'
              G       D       A
I don't love you anymore
A           G       D       A
That i'm not doin' loving things
Like i did before
But have you thought about it
            G                D         A
How you're treatin' me these days
A            G          D         A
I think it's time you realize
That lovin' goes two ways
          D          G      D 
And love is like an echo
It will always return
              D                  G
When you give me all you got
             D                         G 
And you love me through and through
Then just like an echo
          A                    D
Love will come back to you
Looks like you could figure out
              G        D       A  
That what you need to learn
               G        D       A  
When you say those hurtin' words
A                   D
They always return
So hold me close say lovin' things
       G        D       A  
Honest,pure and true
The more love that you give to me
A                               D
The more i'll give to you
        D       G         D   
Love is like an echo  ... til end

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Gosdin Vern Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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