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Haden Burchard Band, Carribean Islands Chords

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Haden Burchard Band - Carribean Islands (Chords)

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                Artist: Haden Burchard Band

Intro: ([D],[G],[Em],[A]) x2

(Verse 1)
      [D]              [G]                 [Em]             [A]                [D]
Was a cowboy in West Texas, he ranched cattle all his life, untill the rancher 
        [G]              [Em]                     [A]               [D]
that he worked for got old tipped his hat and died. He looked high and low for 
[G]                    [Em]              [A]           [D]            [G]
what to do before he finially realized that he'd never seen a salty piece of land 
[Em]                      [A]
somewhere called paradise.

         [G]                    [D]                       [G]                        
Now he's sitting in carribean islands, he trades his favorite drink form whiskey 
   [D]                   [G]                     [D]               [Em]    
to rum, he'll sail and fish all day there in coconut bay and listin to his Jimmy 
        [G]                                       [D]
Buffett songs. With a drink in his hand and his toes in the sand he'll watch the 
[G]             [D]              [G]                     [Em]             [A]
sunset on the beach, singing I'll die here this is my last stand,   in the 

carribean islands.

([D],[G],[Em],[A]) x2

(Verse 2)
(Same chord progression as Verse 1)

He sold his horse and packed his bags, then hitched a ride to the Gulf of Mexico. 

Found himself at a bar in Port Aransas, told his stroy, and where he wanted to go. 

There he met a shrimp bout captain named Lee who was running from the mexican 

federalies, they decided that they'd up and leave and they knew just where to go. 



         [Em]                      [G]              [D]                          [G]
Well you know theres nowhere hed rather be than sitting right there on the edge 
            [Em]                   [G]                [A]
of the sea. Watching the sunset,   smoking a doobie



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