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Stoney Larue, Sirens Chords

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Stoney Larue - Sirens (Chords)

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                This seems to be right by my ears. For a little extra kick,
try throwing in a real quick Bb between the C and G 
at the end of the 2nd and 4th lines of each verse and chorus.

eBGDAE- 13331x

G 	  	  	 F 	  	  	     C    	  	     G
Walkin' on a fine line, thinkin' you were all mine, wantin' you to make it true.

G 	  	       F 	  	  C 	  	  	     G
Middle of a free fall, not so tall, wasn't hard not to think it through.

G 	  	  	  F 	  	  	   C               G
Echo on the side street, tappin' my feet, walkin' tired and livin' on.

G 	  	      F 	  	  	C 	  	  	 G
Faith don't walk and faith don't talk, so don't speak until you see the dawn.


G 	 F 	 C 	        G
Sirens, sirens, ringin' in my mind.

G                 F               C 	  	          G
Walkin' through a snake den, just another way to pass the time.

G       F       C                    G
Sirens, sirens, what are they tellin' me?

G 	  	   F           C                     G
When're they gonna shake away, when they gonna let me be?

G 	  	      F 	  	   C 	  	      G
Livin' on the upside, so so high. Must you be so far down to see?

G 	  	  	  F 	        C 	  	    G
Shovelin' the hot coals, makin' it go. Huff puff one, two, three.

G 	  	  	  F 	  	  C 	  	  	 G
Tell me you were alright, sayin' goodbye. Thank you for your company

G 	  	  	   F 	  	  	   C 	             G
I'm fishin' in a dry well. Can't you tell? Tell me what you want from me.


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