Matt Andersen, Storms Rollin In Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Matt Andersen, Storms Rollin In Tabs, Chords

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Matt Andersen - Storms Rollin In (Chords)

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Standard Tuning

We build it up
The levee breaks again
Iíll be the waves
You can be the wind
     A			B
The waters rising
Storms rolliní iní

Oh my angeline
You mean the world to me
Just hold on me babe
Pull your body close to me
Its getting colder outside
Storms rolliní iní

For 15 years
Weíve stood against it all
Through sleepless nights
With our backs to the wall
But this is our last stand together
Storms rolliní iní

Close you eyes
And drift off to sleep
Donít worry about the storm
Donít think about me
And I can see the waves are coming
Storms rolliní iní

We build it up
The levee breaks again
Iíll be the waves
You can be the wind
The waters rising
Storms rolliní iní

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Matt Andersen Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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