, Mama, She's Lazy Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, Mama, She's Lazy Tabs, Chords

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- Mama, She's Lazy (Chords)

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Mama, Shes Lazy
By Pinkard And Bowden
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G                    G7                        C
Mama I found someone like you said, I took her home
    C                G                                   D
She has no snout but shes no doubt the biggest pig Ive known
  G                                  G7                       C
I thought that she would help me out with the laundry and the chores 
    C                   G                      D                         G
But there are those who wont wash clothes and guess whos scrubbing the floors

Mama, shes lazy, lazier than me
    G                                                 D
And on my couch is where she sits, shes always gonna be
     G                                C             Am
Ive never slept that long, she beats all Ive ever seen
            G    D                  G 
Mama, shes lazy, shes lazier than me

And mama, you always said, get the lead out of your pants
But that old phrase dont faze her daze, shes always in a trance
Shes hung upon the movie stars on the afternoon TV
And now Im converned she aint worth a durn and I cant even get her to leave

Chorus 2:
Mama, shes lazy, lazier than me
And on my couch is where she sits, shes always gonna be
Shes never swept the floors since she swept me off my feet 
Mama, shes lazy, shes lazier than me

Ohhhhh, mama shes lazy, shes lazier than me

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