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- She Thinks I Steal Cars (Chords)

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She Thinks I Steal Cars
By Pinkard & Bowden
rmofle at satx.rr.com

G          D       G
She thinks I steal cars

G               C              G
Just because my attics full of hubcaps
G                D                  G
Just because the basementís full of tires
       G                  G7              C
Just because I ground the numbers off her engine block
G          D       G
She thinks I steal cars

       C                          G
And if sheís happy thinking Iím a car thief
  G                                  D
I guess itís cause I gave her such a deal
    C                               G 
But all her old friends keep asking questions
     A                            D 
Like where did you get that Oldsmobile

And just because the police came this morning
Just because they slammed behind bars
Just because she found the bathtub full of auto parts
She thinks I steal cars

She thinks I steal cars

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