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Bobby Pinson, One More Believer Chords

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Bobby Pinson - One More Believer (Chords)

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This worlds enough to break a man's heart  
C               G                 D  
make him question who's in charge  
       G         C  
and then you ask me to believe  
what I can't see  
my tv sold me some sin  
G                               C  
said anything goes so I bought in  
   G                D  
I've tried it all a time or two  
    G                      C        G 
I didn't have much use for you  
I've said your name in vain before  
I've let the devil drive my ford  
   G                  C                G  
read Jesus save on a bathroom door 
   D                        G  
just before I passed out  
                           C             G  
how come you didn't strike me dead  
   D                          G  
sent me an angel instead  
she sings in the choir 
and i'm hell on the preacher  
God you got you one more believer 
  G                           C                  G  
she lays out the sunday clothes I wear  
                 D                   G  
without her I ain't got a prayer 
                              C                   G  
God you've got you a good one shinin your light 
 and i'm not expert on the word  
I can't quote you book and verse  
                                  C                G  
But i've heard you love the worst ones too  
      G              D  
and i'm the proof  
chorus 2x  
    G                                   D  
Oh God you got you one more believer 

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