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Bobby Pinson, Way Down Chords

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Bobby Pinson - Way Down (Chords)

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                Intro:  D  Cadd9 

Way down at the bottom of the river 
There's a locket with a picture of me 
She drowned what I thought was forever 
She locked up our love and lost the key 
A friend of mine heard from a friend of hers 
She was workin' on last name number three 
There was a time I'd have relished those words 
But I'm not where I used to be 

G       D 
Way down 
G              D 
Weighted down at the bottom 
G         D            Cadd9 
I almost drown in a shallow dream 
G               D        G            D                     
A light shined down and life was waiting at the top when 
G                D               Cadd9 
I let go of the past that was draggin me 

Way down an Oklahoma highway 
There's a cafe where they'll remember me 
I broke down by a payphone in the hallway 
Put my fist through a drywall sheet 
I hit a wall trying to find some kinda way 
To find some peace 
Buried it all when I dug a grave for all the 
Pain that was pulling me 

Way down 
Weighted down at the bottom 
I almost drown in a shallow dream 
A light shined down and life was waiting at the top when 
I let go of the past that was dragging me 

Way down 
Way down 
Way down, way down, way down, way down

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