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Point Of Grace, How You Live / Turn Up the Music Chords

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Point Of Grace - How You Live / Turn Up the Music (Chords)

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                Key G

     G2                   G2/B 
Wake up the sunlight with your window open 
      C2                    Dsus           G7 
Don't hold in your anger or leave things unspoken 
G2                   G2/B 
Wear your red dress, use  your good dishes 
C2                  Dsus             D7 
Make a big mess and make   lots of wishes 

    C             B6                      G/A 
And have what you want, but want what you have 
    C                     Dsus    D7 
And don't spend your life looking back 

            G2    C2  G2 
Turn up the music 

Turn it up loud 
           C2      D                E F# G 
Take a few chances   and let it all o-u- t 
'Cause you won't regret it 
D                 E     D       C 
Looking back from where you' ve been 
'Cause it's not who you knew 
And it's not what you did 
It's how you live 

G2                         G2/B 
So go to the ballgames and go    to the ballet 
    C2                          Dsus           D7 
And go see your folks more than just on the holidays 
G2                      G2/B 
Kiss all your children, dance with your wife 
C2                            Dsus  D7 
Tell you husband you love him every night 

      C                   B6                  G/A 
Don't run from the truth 'cause you can't get away,no 
C                     Dsus  D7 
Face it and you'll be okay 


G2                       G2/B 
Oh, wherever you are and wherever you've been 
C2         Dsus      D7         
Now is the time to begin 
G2                       G2/B 
So give to the needy,and pray for the grieving 
C2            Dsus             D7 
Even when you don't think you can 
G2                        G2/B 
'Cause all that you do is bound to come back to you 
C2               Dsus    D7 
So think of your fellow man 
    C                        B6  
And make peace with God, and make peace with yourself 
C                  Dsus           D7 
'Cause in the end, there's nobody else 


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