Rankin Family, Eyes Of Margret Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Rankin Family, Eyes Of Margret Tabs, Chords

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Rankin Family - Eyes Of Margret (Chords)

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Eyes of Margret
performed by the Rankin Family,
written by John Morris Rankin, CD Endless Seasons, (EMI Music Canada)
performed in the Key of E, therefore Capo on fret 4
submitted by John Crawford, CRAWFORD_JOHN_WE@MSN.COM

   G			C		  G	    Em
1. when morning comes 	to me	I see the eyes of   Margaret
2. and when she comes 	near me	I see the eyes of   Margaret
3. and when she is 	lonely	I'll take hand of   Margaret
4. and when she        troubled I hear the cries of Margaret

		Dm				Em	C
1. I see the 	eyes of Margaret	when	morning	comes around
2. I see the 	smiles of Maragret 	and 	time 	rolls around
3. I hold the 	hand of Margaret	and 	she'll 	come around
4. I'll wipe the tears of Margaret 	and she always	comes around

Chorus (played after verse 2 and verse 4)

F				C
when darkness comes near her	I see a side
G	    Em			C
a pen and a letter		have faded and died
F				C
a promise is broken		a change in the tide
G			Dm	G
someone is singing her song	
	 C		G	Em	  G	Em	C
and it's naaaaaaa na 	na-na	na-na-na  na	na-na	na-na
			G	Em	  G	Em	C
na-na-na  na		na-na	na-na-na  na	na-na	na-na

Rankin Family Tabs & ChordsRankin Family Lyrics

Rankin Family Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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