, A Real Good Day Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, A Real Good Day Tabs, Chords

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- A Real Good Day (Chords)

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A Real Good Day
By Ryan Turner

G  Bm  C  D 

G    Bm          C
Well hello there sunshine
D                    G
Tell me, what do you know?
          Bm                C     D
Aww, itís been a long, long time
    G         Bm              C
And I see you brought me some blue sky
D                   G
Oh what a sweet surprise
          Bm                C   D
Iíve been hoping youíd stop by
Well itís been nothing but storm clouds
Since who knows when
C                            C/B
But theyíre all clearing out of this town
C                D
Thanks to you my friend 

                    G    Bm   C                        D
And itís gonna be a good day, thereís nothing standing in the way
     G         Bm    C    D
Of a real good day today
      G               Bm            C       C/B     Am    
And I got my troubles far behind me and Iím free to say
                C         D     G
Itís gonna be a real good day today

Now I got the windows down
Taking in the color all around
Thereís a pot luck supper in the park
With old men pickiní on their guitars
Thereís people smiling on the street
And some even stop, turn around
And wave right at me
Seems like something straight out of 1943
And if I was Norman Rockwell
Iíd surely paint this scene

Well, Itís magical, itís beautifulÖ I say itís a spiritual thing
When you wake up from the darkness
And your eyes can hardly seeÖ that itís gonna be a real good day

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