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Shenandoah, Moon Over Georgia Chords

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Shenandoah - Moon Over Georgia (Chords)

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                MOON OVER GEORGIA
1996 Capital Records

Capo 2nd Fret

Intro: (G)  (G)

He owns a (G) big estate 
Just (D/F#) south of Savannah 
And a (Em) high rise hotel in (C) downtown Atlanta 
And (Em) half the state of (D) Georgia to his (C) name 
She'd (G) be set for life in his (D/F#) coloniel manner 
He laid the (Em) world at her feet on a (C) silver platter 
But (Em) all I (D) had to (C) offer (D) her, was the (G) moon 

  And she took the (Am) moon (C) over (Em) Georg(D)ia 
  She'd (G) rather (D/F#) have a (Em) million (D) stars in the (Am) sky 
  Than a (D) gold mine 
  (G) She took the (Am) moon (C) over (Em) Georg(D)ia 
  When it (Em) came down to (D/F#) his world or (A7) mine 
  She took the (C) moon over (Am) Geo(D)rg(G)ia 

A little (G) country house in (D/F#) need of expansion 
It's (Em) far cry from his (C) South Georgia mansion 
But (Em) we've got our (D) own para(C)dise. 
Shadow (G) dancin' til dawn with a (D/F#) full moon shinin' 
And those (Em) occasional clouds all have a (C) silver lining 
There (Em) really must be (D) something ab(C)out, that (D) old yellow (G) light 

Repeat Chorus


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