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- Both Our Towns (Chords)

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Both Our Towns
By The Star Room Boys

       D                               G
Well I guess you didnít hear about the car that I crashed
           A                             D 
You know I walked away and didnít bat an eye
           D                                      G                                      
I got that piece of s**t for free from my friend, John, in New Orleans
          A                        D
I think I told you once about that guy

Well I waited for you baby but I waited too long
Till I was running with the lowest of the low
And I could ask you how you been but I donít guess it matters when
Youíd find a way to work it everywhere you go

Chrous 1:
        G                             A 
And the love that we spoke was just a dirty little joke
           D                               G
I guess we couldíve used a little dressiní down
         Bm        A
But itís already a legend
           G          A        D
Weíre just teariní up both our towns

Well itís 11 monthís or more you last stepped through my door
But I still talk to you in private every day
And if the memory doesnít kill me I donít think the liquor will
So Iíll keep puttiní all that hard stuff away

Chorus 2:
No, your pretty little lies were like the sweat upon your thighs
That just dried up while we slept without a sound
Now we can throw Ďem on the fire
While weíre teariní up both our towns

Star Room Boys Tabs & Chords

Star Room Boys Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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