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Sugarland, Nuttin' For Christmas Chords

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Sugarland - Nuttin' For Christmas (Chords)

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                I (G)broke my bat on (C)Johnny's (G)head; 
(A7)Somebody (D7)snitched on (G)me. 
I (G)hid a frog in (C)sister's (G)bed;  
(A7)Somebody (D7)snitched on (G)me.  
I spilled some (G7)ink on (C)Mommy's rug;  
I made (D)Tommy (G)eat a bug;  
Bought some gum with a (Em)penny (A7)slug;  
(D7)Somebody snitched on (G)me.  
CHORUS: Oh, (D11)
I'm gettin' nuttin' for (G6)Christmas  
Mommy and Daddy are (D7)mad.  
I'm gettin' nuttin' for Christmas (G6)
'Cause (D7)I ain't been nuttin' but (G)bad. 

I (G)won't be seeing (C)Santa (G)Claus;  
(A7)Somebody (D7)snitched on (G)me.  
He (G)won't come visit (C)me be(G)cause  
(A7)Somebody (D7)snitched on (G)me.  
Next (G7)year I'll be going (C)straight;  
Next (D)year I'll be good, just (G)wait 
I'd (Em7)start now, but it's too (A7)late;  
Somebody (D7)snitched on (G)me.  

So you (Am)better be good what(E7)ever you do  
'Cause (Am)if you're bad, I'm (Bdim)warning you,  
(Am7)You'll get (D7)nuttin' for (G)Christmas

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