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Sugarland - Shine The Light (Chords)

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Shine The Light
Written by Jennifer Nettles
Recorded by Sugarland

Intro.:   | (C) / (Dm) (Em) |2/4 (Am) / |4/4 (F) / / /

When you (C)walk into the (Dm)edge of those (Em) (Am) dark and lonely (G)woods
And when I (C)ask how was your (Dm)day, (Em) and you (Am)answer not so (G)good
And when (C)nothing seems to be work-(Dm)ing out (Em) (Am) quite the way it (F)should
(Am) I will (G) shine the (C)light

When the (C)skies up a-(Dm)bove you (Em)fill (Am) with grey and stormy (G)clouds
And there's (C)not a single (Dm)face you (Em)know (Am) in the maddening (G)crowd
When you (C)know that (Dm)you don't make (Em) your way, (Am) but you just can't see (F)how
(Am) I will (G) shine the (C)light

(Am) I will (G) shine the light, (F) (C) (Am) I will (F)shine the (G)light
I will (Am)hold you in my (G)arms until (F)everything's al-(C)right
(Am) I will (G) shine the (C)light

And when your (C)worries, they won't (Dm)let you (Em)sleep, (Am) and rob you of your (G)days
And you've (C)looked in all di-(Dm)rections, (Em)but you (Am) still can't find your (G)ways
When you (C)just need someone to remind (Dm) you (Em) that it's (Am) all gonna be o-(F)kay (F/G)
(Am) I will (G) shine the (C)light

(Am) I will (G) shine the light, (F) (C) (Am) I will (F)shine the (G)light
When you're (Am)staring down your (G)demons, weighing (F)in your darkest (C)night
(Am) I will (G) shine the (C)light

(Am) Sometimes (G) we jump in-(F)to the great un-(C)known
(Am) Sorrows (G) we all will (F)have to walk a-(C)lone
(Am)Waiting there in the (F)end, is a (C) heart that calls you a (F)friend
That's me, clapping the loud-(C)-est, (G)welcoming you home

Inst.:   | (C) / (Dm) (Em) |2/4 (Am) / |4/4 (F) / / /

So when your (C)heart is heavy, (Dm)like a stone (Em) (Am) from carrying its (G)load
And you (C)look into the (Dm)mirror (Em)and see (Am) someone you don't (G)know
When the (C)shadows are closing in on (Dm) you (Em) like a (Am)hand around your (F)throat

(Am) I will (G) shine the light, (F) (C) (Am) I will (F) shine the (G)light (Am) (G/B)
When you've (Am)given into your (F)fears, when you've (Am)lost your will to (F)fight
Let me (Am)know what I can (F)do, let me (Am) try to make it (G)right
(Am) I will (G) shine the light, (F) (C) (Am) I will (G) shine the (F)light (C) -----

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