, Ode To The Fallen Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, Ode To The Fallen Tabs, Chords

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- Ode To The Fallen (Tabs)

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Ode to the Fallen
D                                                  Bm
Well this desert sun is getting to me
D                                           Bm
there is a sand storm at my flank
D                             Bm
I feel like an easy target
A                                                  E
standing right next to this damn tank

dodging bullets the ricahe off of the walls
through windows I cant see
I hope my Buddie makes it 

my baby sends me pictures
and I start to cry
Steven was born last Tuesday 
and I hope I make it out of here alive

I only think of my life 
as I watch others die
come June of last year 
I was supposed to be with my wife

this desert sun is getting to me 
there is a gun fight at my flank
this bullet has gone through me
now my world is turning blank

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Terence R Green Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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