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Frank Turner, Nashville Tennessee Chords

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Frank Turner - Nashville Tennessee (Chords)

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                G* = this riff...


         G*                    G*             C          D     G*
From the heart of the Southern Downs, to the North-East London reservoirs,
         G*                         G*                C    D       G*
From the start, the land scaped my sound, before I'd ever been to America.

       C          D          [don't know this bit]
And if I knew anybody who played pedal steel guitar,
     C              D          [don't know this bit]
I'd get them in my band and then my band would get real far,
           C               D                   B7              Em
But I was raised in middle England, and not in Nashville Tennessee,
         C          D             G*
And the only person in my band is me.

A simple scale on an old guitar, and a punk rock sense of honesty.
I cannot fail, I've got this far with no knowledge of mid-west geography.

And if I knew anywhere where I could drive in a straight line
For hours in the desert, I'd drive for hours at a time.
But I was raised in middle England, not in Nashville Tennessee,
And the only person in this car is me.

Am                C         G                   D           Am
   And yes I'm in four-four time, and yes I use cheap cheap rhymes,
                    C        G*
But I try to make a sound my own.
Am                 C        G                 D              Am
   I know I don't break new ground, many have travelled this sound,
                     C          G*
But I try to make it sound like home.

           G  [hold]                     G [hold]
Well I've been to Texas state, I didn't think it was that f**king great,
And Nebraska is just a bunch of songs,
Holloway and Hampshire where I belong.
And I don't know anybody who plays pedal steel guitar,
All the city roads are twisted and I do not own a car.
I was raised in middle England, not in Nashville Tennessee,
And the only thing I'm offering is me.

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