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Trent Willmon, Here Chords

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Trent Willmon - Here (Chords)

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                Intro: E  B    E   B   A (just two or three notes of each chord...
listen to the song to get it right, it's easy)

A lot has changed since I've been gone
But not my love for you
And I promised you nothin would keep me away
      A             B        E
So I came back as fast as I could

I still bump around this old house sometimes
But I barely make a sound
I sure have traveled a long long way
Just to be hangin around


       A                        E
Sweet Virginia, I still lay beside you
                A                    B
And when you're dreamin that's really me
            A                        E
And if you hear somethin there in the darkness
          A             B         E
Don't be afraid of what you can't see
     A                     B
Just know that I always will

E  B   A

I didn't mean to give you a cold chill today
When you were holdin that picture of me
But I saw your tears so I reached for your hand
Forgettin how cold mine could be

And I made that breeze in the garden yesterday
Just to see you stop and smile
I know how you love the wind on your face
And besides I still need to touch you every once in a while



      Asus2         Esus4        
Sweet Virginia, I still lay beside you
                  Asus2              Bsus
And when you're dreamin that's really me
     A                      B  
Just know that I always will


Asus2 	 x02200
Esus4 	 022200
Bsus2 	 x24422

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