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Jimmy Buffett lyrics

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Jimmy Buffett Lyrics

Jimmy Buffett Chords

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Album Lyrics: Equal Strain On All Parts [2023]

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Buffett Jimmy
"Equal Strain On All Parts" [2023]

  1. University Of Bourbon Street
  2. Bubbles Up
  3. Audience Of One
  4. My Gummie Just Kicked In
  5. Close Calls
  6. Equal Strain On All Parts
  7. Like My Dog
  8. Ti Punch Café
  9. Portugal Or PEI
  10. Nobody Works On Friday
  11. Fish Porn
  12. Johnny's Rhum
  13. Columbus
  14. Mozambique

Album Lyrics: Songs From St. Somewhere [2013]

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Buffett Jimmy
"Songs From St. Somewhere" [2013]

  1. Something Bout A Boat
  2. Einstein Was A Surfer
  3. Earl's Dead Cadillac For Sale
  4. Too Drunk To Karaoke
  5. Serpintine
  6. Useless But Important Information
  7. I Want to Go Back to Cartagena
  8. Soulfully
  9. Rue De La Guitare
  10. I'm No Russian
  11. Tides
  12. The Rocket That Grandpa Rode
  13. I Wave Bye Bye
  14. Colour Of The Sun
  15. Oldest Surfer On The Beach
  16. I Want to Go Back to Cartagena

Album Lyrics: Buffet Hotel [2009]

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Buffett Jimmy
"Buffet Hotel" [2009]

  1. Nobody From Nowhere
  2. Wings
  3. Big Top
  4. Beautiful Swimmers
  5. Turn Up The Heat And Chill The Rose
  6. Summerzcool
  7. Rhumba Man
  8. We Learned To Be Cool From You
  9. Surfing In A Hurricane
  10. Life Short Call Now
  11. Buffet Hotel
  12. A Lot To Drink About

Album Lyrics: Take the Weather With You [2006]

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Buffett Jimmy
"Take the Weather With You" [2006]

  1. Bama Breeze
  2. Party at the End of the World
  3. Weather With You
  4. Everybody's on the Phone
  5. Whoop de Doo
  6. Nothin' But a Breeze
  7. Cinco de Mayo in Memphis
  8. Reggabilly Hill
  9. Elvis Presley Blues
  10. Hula Girl at Heart
  11. Wheel Inside the Wheel
  12. Silver Wings
  13. Breathe in, Breathe Out, Move on
  14. Duke's on Sunday
  15. Here We Are

Album Lyrics: Hoot Soundtrack [2006]

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Buffett Jimmy
"Hoot Soundtrack" [2006]

  1. Wondering Where The Lions Are
  2. Back Of The Bus
  3. Barefootin'
  4. Florida
  5. Werewolves Of London
  6. Let Your Spirit Fly
  7. Floridays (Reggae Version)
  8. Coming Around
  9. Funky Kingston
  10. Good Guys Win
  11. Lovely Day
  12. Happy Ending

Album Lyrics: License to Chill [2004]

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Buffett Jimmy
"License to Chill" [2004]

  1. Hey Good Lookin'
  2. Boats To Build
  3. License To Chill
  4. Coast Of Carolina
  5. Piece Of Work
  6. Anything, Anytime, Anywhere
  7. Trip Around The Sun
  8. Simply Complicated
  9. Coastal Confessions
  10. Sea Of Heartbreak
  11. Conky Tonkin'
  12. Playin' The Loser Again
  13. Window On The World
  14. Someone I Used To Love
  15. Scarlet Begonias
  16. Back To The Island

Album Lyrics: Jimmy Buffett - Other Songs []

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Buffett Jimmy
"Jimmy Buffett - Other Songs" []

  1. Pencil Thin Mustache
  2. Dixie Diner
  3. In My Room
  4. In The City
  5. It's Five O'Clock Somewhere
  6. Jamaica Farewell
  7. Morris' Nightmare
  8. Perrier Blues
  9. Redemption Song
  10. Southern Cross
  11. Still In Paradise
  12. The Natives Are Restless Tonight
  13. The Tiki Bar Is Open
  14. Waiting In Vain

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