There's a picture frame hangin' at the end of the hall
Pile of dust on the floor where my fist met the drywall
That's my MO, leavin' something broke everywhere I go

There's a rusty old truck door sittin' in a field
That I filled full of buckshot every time i got
Mad at something over nothing didn't matter at all
In my life, down in my bones
From my heart, to my soul

There's a lonely space on the big brass bed where we first made love
And she laid head on my shoulder before I told it was over

There's a million conversations with my old man
'Bout who he was, and who I am
That I never had, I just wouldn't listen
I just kept digging myself down in 'em holes in my life

Down in my bones
From my heart, to my soul

Well I woke up today, put the shovel down
Stepped out of my haze, took a look around
Saw a ray of light shining through the clouds
So I climbed out
And I let it shine

Down in my bones
From my heart, right through my soul
Through all my holes
Through all these holes