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Something I Do For Me lyrics - Joe Diffie

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I work overtime cause my boss is a jerk
It gets him off my back
I go to see my momma right after work
So she knows where I’m at
Stop by my sister’s and I hug her neck
Tell her just let that guy go
But there’s a few things I do
When I’m all by myself
That nobody knows

1st Chorus:

It’s just somethin’ I do for me
Sometimes when I can’t sleep
I get in my car and drive down your street
It’s just somethin’ I do for me
I did everything that a man could do
To try and make you smile
I couldn’t keep love from slippin away
But I slowed it down a while

When you finally told me that you’d had enough
Well it broke my heart into
So I swallowed my pride
Walked out of your life
I did that for you

2nd Chorus:

But there’s somethin’ I do for me
Sometimes I really need
Sit in a bar drown some old memories
It’s just somethin’ I do for me


I know these things might all seem strange
But somehow they get me by
This smile on my face is hidin’ the trace of teardrops
In my eyes

3rd Chorus:

It’s just somethin’ I do for me
Sometimes when noone sees
I talk to the man, I get down on my knees
It’s just somethin’ I do for me.

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