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Startin' Over Blues lyrics - Joe Diffie

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I set my beer down
somewhere. And i'll find it if I can.
One thing that woman couldn't handle,
Was an absent minded man.
Just sittin' here wonderin' where she is,
When I'm the one who's
lost.Since she's been gone lord,
I just keep a driftin' on.
I got the startin' over blues and,
This time I don't know where to start.
Last time I started over,I think i started over,
Down at my friendly wall mart.
I got a pillow here and a curtain there,
And a utensil or two.
There ain't nothin' worse, than these
Old startin' over blues
Yodeladeeoh startin ooover blues.
Now I know what the word apartment means,
Cause i'm apart from everything that maent ,
Anything to me.
Have i been here a day or three,
Lord i'm all messed up.
Me and this new place could sure use a womans touch.

(repeat 2)

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Diffie Joe Chords
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